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Working in Technology 

In six weeks, gain the skills, experiences, and networks necessary to access and be change makers in an increasingly technology-driven society.

Whitney White

Davidson College '08

I love the work I do at the intersection of strategy and innovation and am thankful for incredible opportunities to drive impactful projects across the tech industry, from scrappy startups to multibillion-dollar corporations. I also know and love Davidson. I know that Davidson students care about the world and their ability to be a positive force in it. That's why I can confidently say few opportunities rival what students will gain from an immersive experience in the heart of Silicon Valley, learning and doing, and being a part of a unique ecosystem that has spawned numerous innovations that shape our everyday lives and will continue to do so well into the future.

Mejin Leechor

Davidson College '08

After years of working in nonprofits and as an independent musician, I recently transitioned to working in the tech industry. Software engineering has given me the opportunity to be a creative problem solver in my professional life. I’m able to bring my passion for people as well as for craft to my work.

Rex Salisbury 

Davidson College '10

 There's a false narrative that "hard skills" and "soft skills" can't be taught together. Learning to code meant pair programming and working in close knit teams under high pressure. I experienced a degree of collaboration that I never had before. I learned how to better communicate, collaborate, listen, give and receive feedback and navigate conflict.  

 Emily Rapport 

Davidson College '16

Transitioning from Davidson into my role as a software developer and data scientist has confirmed my belief that a liberal arts education can prepare you for any career. I love how working in tech keeps me learning all the time, and makes me a more informed and responsible consumer of technologies that are transforming our world.