Entangled Group ©2018



8:30a: Settle into class and get feedback from a friend on a project idea you've been considering. And then listen as the day's agenda is reviewed.

9:00a: Your instructor starts the day presenting an interesting coding challenge. You give it a try on your own and then trade notes with your coding partner.

11:00a: After a few tips from the instructor and a TA you and your partner find a solution. The instructor invites everyone to share their approach and you're impressed with the wide variety of answers to the same problem.


12:00p: Enjoy catered lunch while chatting with a classmate about a great hike she went on in the nearby Muir Woods.

1:00p: Group discussion with the author of a podcast your cohort listened to about the impact of social media on societal norms about privacy.

2:00p: Your instructor presents a new twist on the morning's coding challenge. It's back to the drawing board but this time you'll work in a group of five.

4:00p: The instructor shows how what you learned can be adapted to build a cool feature in a webapp. You debrief with your group and get helpful feedback on how you contributed to the team.

5:30p: Recap the day's lessons as a full cohort. And discuss tomorrow's agenda.


6:00p: Group dinner with a few local alumni from your school working in tech. You meet one working at a local digital media startup which sounds really interesting. You decide to checkout their website to learn more.

7:30p: You go with a group of classmates to a local SF industry meetup of game app makers. You mention the project idea you're working on and get some feedback on ways to gamify the user experience.

9:30p: Back to the residence hall to wrap up the day. You read an article and watch an online video on the history of VR technology to prep for a discussion tomorrow afternoon.